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My accounting is now automated and I love it



Accounting is my least fun part of being an entrepreneur. It's a repetetive task and perfect to be automated. I have around 20-30 different recurring bookings. In the past I used a tool called Debitoor, which was pretty decent, but still has a long way to perfection and some nasty bugs, which prevented the automatic tax reporting for me.

Regular Income
App Store Sales, Advertising Royalties, Client Fees

Regular Expenses
Server, Domains, SAAS-Tools, External Developer Fees

Import invoice emails
Most service providers send me an email with the current invoice. I set up a separate account email adress und forward any relevant mail via rules in Gmail. My accounting tool detects the data via regular expressions, reads the amount and invoice number and saves any attachments. When the email matches a template in my system it is automatically made into a booking. If there is no match, it is stored in the "Inbox" where I can manually check wether it's relevant and create a template or manually book it.

Import documents from a Dropbox Folder
For receipts, that I don't receive via Email, I implemented a Dropbox import. Whenever I save a document into a special folder in my Dropbox, it get's imported into my Auto Accounting system and can be easily assigned to a booking or made into a new booking. Paired with any scanning app (e.g. Genius Scan) I can scan restaurant receipts etc... immedately and have it available in my system.

Import bank account charges
I have a credit cards and two bank accounts which I use for business purposes. At the moment I import charges via CSV files, but automatic import is coming soon. Charges are matched to existing bookings via templates. Some charges (e.g. Apple) are made into a booking and a fictious invoice is created, as I don't get one from Apple. Again unrecognized charges are shown in my Inbox.

Planned: Create (recurring) invoices
I have some old customers who receive recurring invoices. So every 3 months I have to click 3 buttons and then check if the money comes in. My system will create these invoices automatically and match the charge.

Planned: Generate Income & Expense Statement and Balance Sheet
Generate a up to date income & expense statement and a balance sheet and file VAT reports directly to Elster (German Tax Reporting Tool).

It took a few days to build, but saves me weeks of boring work in the upcoming years. If you are interested in details or would love to see the tool in a SAAS product, please leave a comment or contact me at

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